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In the Blue Hour

"There is too much. Too much that makes a life."

Concept and text by Martina Potratz
Directed by Melissa Crespo
Performed by Kathryn Rossetter, Spencer Scott Barros, Rosie Sowa, Brittany Bellizeare, John Stewart and Herbert Go

New York, June 2018

What are we supposed to make of a life? Vanessa, the perfect hostess, invites her friends to attend one last party. Facing a severe illness, she struggles with the abyss that has opened underneath the normality of her life. As the evening unfolds, visitors from the past arrive, memories and dreams begin to oscillate with the present, and we begin to understand the beautiful imperfection of it all.


In the Blue Hour takes the concept of audience interaction to a new level by gently embedding audience members into the story line. Invited as guests to Vanessa’s dinner party, they are required to fill out a questionnaire prior to their arrival. The answers provided in advance feed directly and seamlessly into the play. 


"A thoughtful reconsideration of the theater’s role in taking care of the spectator." The Brooklyn Rail

"This touching, thoughtful show deserves to be seen again." Hyperallergic

A Sitcom for the Apocalypse

The world just ended. You look like you could use a shower. Invitation only.​​

Concept and text by Martina Potratz
Directed by Melissa Crespo
Performed by Melissa Chambers, Herbert Go, Sara Gozalo, Tommy McGinn, Martina Potratz, Dana Leigh Snyder, JC Vasquez.

New York, 2012-2013

Three people living together in Brooklyn. An overly-present neighbor. An unexpected sub-letter. An apartment in Park Slope and the apocalypse at their doorsteps... The struggle for survival can begin....

“A Sitcom for the Apocalypse” is a site-specific theater event in several episodes, performing in an apartment in Brooklyn with one exclusive performance at Space on White. The audience is invited into a private (and crowded!) apartment in Park Slope as the story unfolded around and with them. 

“A Sitcom for the Apocalypse” is loosely and wildly inspired by “Twin Peaks”, “Friends”, “Fascht e Familie” (a cult Swiss Sitcom!) and – why, yes!- “Jurassic Park”…. And while the looming apocalypse outside is always the backdrop, the story focuses on characters and their relationships. And dance numbers. And fast forward scenes. And dream sequences. And….

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